Summerian Rites

by Morbid Funeral



Release Via Black Raven's Blood Prod( Russia)

Morbid Funeral Line-up :
Balpehor H.C : Lead Vocals
Samael Q : Guitars
Daniel L.B : Guitar & Backing Vocals
Thomas Campos : Bass Guitar
Arnold Vargas : Drums


released October 9, 2014

Recorded and Produced under a Funeral Moon of 2013 at Inanna Studios by Morbid Funeral
Music by Samael Q & Daniel L.B / Lyrics By Balpehor H.C
Special Guest Vocals in Chalice of Goat Blood by Lord Amarok from Averxu Atrium and Amarok
Drum Engineer : Dark Warrior (Versvs Cristvs)
Cover Artwork concept by Balpehor H.C
Illustration by Alan Corpse
Morbid Funeral Sigil by G.Damaethyan ( Paganus Doctrina)
Photos by Kristel Rojas and Arturo Vargas
Layout by U.Xerxes.H (Paganus Doctrina)
Morbid Funeral Logo : U.Xerxes.H



all rights reserved
Track Name: Summerian Rites of Chaos

Screaming the ancient incantation
A evil wing come from the south
Spitting ancient words of power
Mighty Creatures of Hubur were slaim

Magic Spell of the Oldes ones
Come to my soul and mind
The seven glorious gods
Come when Anu walk the earth

I hear the words , the curse of Enki are upon thee
The Goat Increased their power
The Names of the ancients gods
Are in the book of chaos

All the gods and spirits of abomination
Waiting for the call

The sleeping lords
Awake through the eons
Purifying the land with chaos

Sea and Earth disappear
The great power of the abomination
…………….This is called of the evil ones!!!
Track Name: The Spell (Azag-Thot Awake)
The Spell (Azag-Thot Awake)

In the mountains of Mashu
Where magic reigns…
I feel the wolves breath
That carry my name at midnight

Ancestral Gods
Awaken the Sleeping god
The Spell……
From the book of death

The charm of the races
From beyond the stars
Where the emissaries cut their flesh
And worship the angel of ligth

Now I see the light of the moon
The awakening of Azag-Thot
Will bring chaos…. And plague
And my soul entered the temple of the lost
Worshipers of the ancient serpent
Go through the cosmic vortex
Track Name: Chalice of Goat Blood
In the altar i feel the power
The truth and knowledge of magic
I drink from the chalice of blood
The Goat Secrets from the south

The cold wind brings the four names
The Grimoire given me freedom
I deny the force of Anu
Destruction and Chaos

I drink from the chalice of goat blood
The strength and knowledge arise
Penetrated the scarlet whore
Sanguine Sacrificium

Pazuzu Vocem
Vocavit Caprae!
Death and Chaos
The rebellion of goat’song begin
Track Name: Necromantia Oculta

Arde .. Arde!!
El pentagrama en el suelo
Arde con el fuego purificador
Sere el reflejo de I Dimmu!

La niebla cubre el manuscrito
Sangre corre por mis venas
El nombre prohibido
Ahora el odio cubre (las palabras)

La niebla se disipa
pasaje al inframundo
dolor despierta (mi serpiente ígnea)
Vomito el nombre del tetragramaton

AVE ¡!!! NERGAL!!!

Los libros serán quemados
Enki muere en sus almas
Nergal será el veneno!!
Track Name: Vinum Stigmata

All be the Apple that you bit
The wine that comes from your wounds
The clarity of your soul
Obscured… the truth made shade

The Light from the wings of the fallen
Free my soul and body
Pain and sores disappear
When you feel the fire of hell

The singing of the lambs of god
Will be off to the Legion’s sound
Oh…… Salvation Salvation
Will be the psalm in reality and virtue

I see the growth of the shadows of darkness
The serpent of eden…..full of wisdom
Your seed is fertilized in freedom
Purification on the cowardice of dogma

Screaming Adam’s children
The return of the devil’s concubine is imminent
The angel of light left the mark
Hail in honour to your name